Sustainable Design Case Studies

We have a policy of not publicising Client work. We therefore only demonstrate case studies through anonymous text. However, as the devil is in the detail this means that the focus is on the route through problems to satisfactory resolution.

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"Abba Energy provided us with a thoroughly comprehensive and efficient service from the inception of the project to final completion.  They guided all concerned - including the contractor – through the requirements necessary to achieve the EcoHomes ‘very good’ target with professionalism and understanding." - Barroll Webber

Sensible Energy Saving Tip

As each lightbulb in your home burns out, switch to energy-saving lightbulb to save cash and energy. Some use a quarter of the energy and can last up to 12 times longer. If all inefficient light bulbs in the UK were replaced with new super-efficient LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs, it would save almost as much energy as a nuclear power station produces.

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