Sustainable Design Case Studies

We have a policy of not publicising Client work. We therefore only demonstrate case studies through anonymous text. However, as the devil is in the detail this means that the focus is on the route through problems to satisfactory resolution.

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"I have worked with Abba on various projects over the last couple of years, they have always worked efficiently and the assessments provided have been accepted by the relevant local planning authorities. The assessments have assisted in me securing planning permission, which as a planning consultant, is what I require." - Town Planning Bureau

Sensible Energy Saving Tip

Buy recycled paper but be aware 'recycled' can mean a wide variety of things: Some manufacturers who display the recycled logo include only small amounts of 'first hand' paper off-cuts rather than more eco-friendly 'post-consumer waste'. Using these off-cuts if of course better than wasting them, but is not the most environmentally friendly way to make paper products.

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