Bespoke 4-storey London house, pool, gym and cinema

Templewood New build, bespoke 4-storey London house with internal pool, gym, cinema, garage and six bedrooms.

Terraced house, West London


Brief and Targets: Comply with Planning Consent Condition of Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, with increased targets (50%) for the Energy, Water and Materials Categories. Steel frame with brick and block walls, concrete floors, timber and copper roof.
Sustainability Initiatives: BS8206:Pt2-compliant Daylighting, Lifetime Homes, Secured by Design, ‘green’ roof. A complex built form required a sophisticated approach to the energy efficiency strategy, including Photovoltaic panels at one end, with an air permeability target and numerous Thermal Bridging Details at the other. The thermal bridging calculations carried out by Abba provided an average Psi value low enough to just enable compliance with the mandatory energy targets. Abba worked closely with the Architect on cross-section detailing of critical junctions. We then carried out many individual Thermal Bridging calculations and iterations, to both obtain an average Psi value which helped the scheme meet the Planning-critical energy targets as well as keep within the designed intent of plan and section room dimensions.
Results: Design Stage certification for Code Level 4. Ongoing assessment is on target for Post Construction reporting for Code Level 4.

Energy-critical data:

Floor area: 1,200m2
Mass: Fairly compact 4-storey, including basement. Garage within footprint but outside thermal envelope
Structure: Steel frame, RC floors

Main materials:

Walls: 0.08 (88%); 0.2 (12%)
Roof: 0.15
Floors: 0.15
Windows: 0.8
Doors: 1.0
Air-permeability: 4m3/m2@50Pa
Psi-values: Average 0.09; worst 1.55; best 0.01 (excluding inverted corners)
Insulation: GWP<5 (various, including PUR, PIR, EPS, XPS). Thermoblock used in place of some blockwork to improve contiguity
Heating: Gas condensing boiler to underfloor heating
Controls: Weather compensation
Hot water: 1000 litre HWC with 80mm foam insulation
Ventilation: MVHR (SFP 0.8; efficiency 89%)
Cooling: Split system (EER 4:1)
Renewables: PV
Low E lighting: 100%

Points of Interest:

Challenging site in Planning terms (removal of young building), conscientious and pro-active Project Team, stringent neighbourhood criteria for the Contractor to meet during the whole of the construction period. This was a substantial new build property within an exclusive residential area, where every square foot on plan and every inch on section is extremely valuable. Therefore maximising internal finished floor area within a suitably rationalised plan using optimised envelope dimensions was key. The ambitious one-off design intent required a carefully matched approach to energy efficiency in order to meet the targets, so from an early stage Abba advised on the overall energy strategy in support of the Architect and Building Services Consultant.
"Abba Energy joined our project team and efficiently provided guidance to achieve the CSH (Code for Sustainable Homes) target we were working towards. We subsequently received the certification required - a successful conclusion and look forward to the next project with Abba." - BTP Group

Sensible Energy Saving Tip

Choose plants that thrive in hot and dry conditions. Varieties such as lavender, buddleia and geranium are tolerant to drought.

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