Semi-detached house, West London

Major remodelling and basement extension, substantial semi-detached house, West London

Semi-detached house, West London


Brief and Targets: Planning Targets of EcoHomes Very Good, 40% minimum for each of 3 Categories: Energy, Water, Materials
Sustainability Initiatives:
Results: Achieved Very Good rating and the 40% targets for Energy, Water and materials.

Energy-critical data:

Floor area: 677 m²
Mass: Existing semi-detached 4-storey family house. It is proposed to remodel the property using the current shell as well as building a new basement under the existing footprint to create a gym and pool complex with additional accommodation for staff under the front garden area.
Structure: Existing frame, New Steel frame to the basement.

Main materials:

Walls: U= 0.28, Typical external wall, cavity brickwork outer leaf, block inner leaf, celotex. U = 0.28, Basement wall, reinforced concrete, insulation, aerated block, render.
Roof: U =0.16, Pitched roof, ceiling at rafter line. U =0.17, Flat roof with insulation between joists.
Floors: U =0.17, Screeded concrete slab.
Windows: U-value =1.40, New timber frame windows.
Air-permeability: Default value
Psi-values: Default value
Insulation: GWP<5 (various)
Heating: 2 no. Heston Heat 45 Boilers, Emitters –Radiators and Underfloor heating system
Controls: Time and temperature zone control
Hot water: 700 Litres HWC
Ventilation: Extract ventilation to kitchen, utility rooms and bathrooms.
Cooling: Daikin RXS50L2V1B (Basement: Gym & media room, LGF: Family room & Casual Dining, UGF: Drawing room & Dining room, 1F: Master bedroom & dressing room, 2F: All 3no. bedrooms)
Renewables: None
Low E lighting: 85% Low-E Lighting

Points of Interest:

Removal of the entire ground floor and walls, including support of the whole upper floor structure on a steel frame to enable clear basement dig on a tight site with only main road access, limited road parking.
"This is our first experience of working with Abba – they have been professional, constructive and helpful and we would certainly look to use them again on our next project." - Gradeview Properties

Sensible Energy Saving Tip

Of the electricity used by normal light bulbs, in most cases only 10% of the energy is converted into light, while the other 90% is turned into heat. The electricity used just to light a building is often as much as 50% of the total energy bill.

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