Terraced house, West London

Major refurbishment and basement extension, large terraced house, West London

Terraced house, West London


Brief and Targets: Planning Targets of EcoHomes Very Good, 40% minimum for each of 3 Categories: Energy, Water, Materials
Sustainability Initiatives: GSHP, PV panels, MVHR, ACDs plus ECDs.

Energy-critical data:

Floor area: 1,268 sqm
Mass: The site is an existing 3-storey family house. It is proposed to remodel the property using the current shell as well as building a new two-storey basement under the existing footprint and garden to accommodate swimming pool, sauna, gym facilities, cinema and staff quarters.
Structure: Existing masonry and brick envelope substantially retained with internal timber floors. New basement concrete slab on piles.

Main materials:

Walls: U-value=0.13 New external wall
Roof: U-value=0.09 Inverted roof
Floors: U-value=0.09 New basement floor
Windows: U-value=1.2, Timber low-E DG argon filled
Doors: U-value=1.2, Timber insulated
Air-permeability: Design Air permeability rate –3 m3/h.m2 @50Pa
Psi-values: ACDs plus ECDs
Insulation: GWP<5 (various)
Heating: Ground source heat pump - Mitsubishi 2no. type: PQRY P400
Controls: Time and Temperature Zone Control
Hot water: HWS Calorifiers - Smartline 2no
Ventilation: Continuous trickle and boost MVHR or all areas from raised Ground floor down to basement level.
Cooling: From GSHP (Heat Recovery Heat Pump System) split and multi split
Renewables: 4kWp PV panel
Low E lighting: To be 100% low-e lights or LEDs

Points of Interest:

Planning / Building Control uncertainty over which Part L type (1A or 1B) should be used. This added to Client costs from using a twin-track approach to the design until agreement was found: EcoHomes Very Good and Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4. Abba successfully argued that Part L1B was appropriate.
"I have worked with Abba on various projects over the last couple of years, they have always worked efficiently and the assessments provided have been accepted by the relevant local planning authorities. The assessments have assisted in me securing planning permission, which as a planning consultant, is what I require." - Town Planning Bureau

Sensible Energy Saving Tip

Switch to a 40 degree cycle when you use the washing machine rather than 60 degrees and you'll use a third less electricity. Go down to 30 degrees, and you'll save even more energy - not to mention money. Modern cleaning products work as effectively at lower temperatures, so it's worth switching the temperature down unless your clothes are exceptionally grubby.

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