Sustainable Homes Guidance

Abba Energy can help you get your New Sustainable Home Construction or Domestic Refurbishment project back on target for practical completion.

Browse our guidance pages for information and tips on how to reach the environmental targets set by the client and local Planning Authority.

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"Abba Energy provided us with a thoroughly comprehensive and efficient service from the inception of the project to final completion.  They guided all concerned - including the contractor – through the requirements necessary to achieve the EcoHomes ‘very good’ target with professionalism and understanding." - Barroll Webber

Sensible Energy Saving Tip

Now that autumn's arrived, try making leafmould, a fantastic - and free - soil conditioner, mulch and potting compost ingredient. Collect fallen leaves and pack into a plastic sack. Sprinkle with a watering can if leaves are dry, tie loosely, punch some holes in the sack, and leave. After 1 year, the leaves will have transformed into the perfect mulch; leave a few months longer and you can dig it direct into the soil

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