SOS - Pre-Start-On-Site Checklist

Use our SOS checklist to help get your project started and to ensure compliance on Day One.

Keen to start building work on your development? STOP! Before doing ANYTHING on site, including 'soft stripping' (removal of non-structural materials, heating system, fixtures, fittings, wiring, garden plants and so forth).

Read this before any work at all starts on site . Depending upon the Planning compliance route chosen, the following measures must be ready in order to prevent loss of CHEAP, EASY, and MANDATORY points needed for meeting the Planning Conditions. This applies to development sites using EcoHomes (EcoH), BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment (BDR) & Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) assessments.
Items for client (CL), Contractor (CN) & ABBA (AE) CL CN AE EcoH BDR CSH
Act directly upon, and place all relevant orders in accordance with, the Compliance Specifications written by Abba Energy Ltd x x x x x
Project Manager assigns responsibilities from Planning Stage on x x
Install water meter (or use existing) & take monthly readings from Day One x x x x
Send Pollution Prevention Policies (Groundwater and Air) to Abba x x x
Register Site with Considerate Constructors Scheme x x x x
Energy / CO2 Monitoring regime in place x x x x
Named person to do monitoring of Energy, CO2 & Water x x x x
All 'site timber' to be FSC/PEFC, or certified sustainably sourced; INCLUDES hoarding, formwork and temporary uses (stairs, tree protection, site accommodation, etc); EXCLUDES the building. x x x x x
Site Waste Management Plan in place - copy to Abba x x x x
Ensure all Waste Contractors will produce Recycling Records x x x x x
Ensure Ecological advice (refer site survey + report) followed closely, including tree protection, et x x x x x
If a 'Suitably Qualified Ecologist' has not done a survey, then arrange for Abba Energy to visit before ANY site work starts x x x x x
From Day One, take site photos demonstrating Best Practice for Air Pollution Prevention x x x x
From Day One, take site photos demonstrating Best Practice for Groundwater Pollution Prevention x x x x
From Day One, take site photos demonstrating Sorting & Recycling Site Waste x x x x
Either written confirmation from Building Control confirming all requirements for Part E or written recommendations from a Suitably Qualified Acoustician x x x x x

Do call us directly if you need any help with this – 020 8208 8333. These issues apply in particular to the Client (CL), Contractor (CN) or to us (AE). Abba must be informed well ahead of SOS if we are to help.

"This is our first experience of working with Abba – they have been professional, constructive and helpful and we would certainly look to use them again on our next project." - Gradeview Properties

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