Water Pollution Prevention Procedures - Chemicals and hazardous substances

Procedure for Control of Ground & Surface Water Pollution - Interpreted from Best Practice Guidelines in PPG1, PPG5 & PPG6

All chemicals and hazardous substances or materials you store and use such as oils, cleaning products, solvents and pesticides could cause pollution if they spill onto land, enter surface waters or groundwater or are released into the air.

‘Safety Data Sheet (SDS)’ should be provided with chemicals and hazardous by the supplier, or manufacturer. Follow these instructions carefully as they tell you how to store, use and dispose of chemicals and hazardous materials safely.

Storing chemicals and hazardous substances
  • store away from watercourses and drains in a contained, bunded area on an impermeable surface.
  • store away from areas where there is risk of damage from impact or collision e.g. site traffic.
  • store securely
  • store on impermeable surfaces
  • ensure substances are labelled and containers are sealed when not in use
  • ensure substances are inspected regularly and fit for purpose.
  • dispose of any damaged / old containers in line with your duty of care requirements, as these may be considered hazardous waste.
  • develop incident / emergency plans to help you deal with spills and train individuals how to use them.
  • ensure that incident / emergency equipment is available at storage point.
  • train staff on the use of spill kits / emergency procedures.
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