EcoHomes - Sustainability Assesments for Homes

EcoHomes assesses the environmental quality of a development by considering the broad concerns of climate change, use of resources, pollution, and impacts on bio-diversity. These concerns are balanced against the need for a high quality internal environment.

The rating pass marks are 36% (Pass), 48% (Good), 58% (Very Good) and 70% (Excellent), but these can only be applied after all categories have been sub-totalled into their overall ‘Issue’ categories.  At such time scores are ‘weighted’ and the final marks then calculated.

EcoHomes Preliminary Assessment

(Code / EcoHomes / BREEAM Multi- Residential) - Early stage advice to assist the project team with Target Rating compliance, including ‘worst case’ SAP assessments where possible for increased accuracy. Typically this includes a productive and highly informative meeting with relevant members of the Project Team (even at Pre-Planning stage) to assist in planning the optimum route to compliance in terms of cost / time / buildability / site conditions.

EcoHomes Design Stage

(Code / EcoHomes / BREAM Multi- Residential). The certificated report, done as efficiently as possible by using Compliant Specifications. Direct provision of Compliance Specifications Project-specific Compliant Specification clauses for inclusion within ERs and the main Contract. This helps cost certainty, reduce the risk of missing the target rating and speed up the BREEAM Certification process.

'All-in-one' packages Together with our sub-contractors we offer a complete range of services for Code, EcoHomes and BREEAM Multi-Residential – SAPs, SBEMS, Daylighting Assessments and Advice, Ecology Reports, Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies, Flood Risk Assessments (sites 1Ha & Low Risk), Home User Guides.

EcoHomes Post Construction

PCRs – Code / EcoHomes/ BREEAM Multi- Residential. Proving site compliance, as required for Code and BREEAM Multi-Res 2008, as well as by some Las and Clients. This usually includes a site visit or three (first fix, second fix and somewhere near Practical Completion).

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"Abba Energy joined our project team and efficiently provided guidance to achieve the CSH (Code for Sustainable Homes) target we were working towards. We subsequently received the certification required - a successful conclusion and look forward to the next project with Abba." - BTP Group

Sensible Energy Saving Tip

When choosing a new place to live, think about the distance to public transport, shops and other amenities. If you live close to these amenities, you won’t need to use the car so often.

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